Having your anniversary soon? Wondering which gift should you pick? We will help!

Wedding anniversaries are the perfect opportunities to celebrate the love, refresh the sparkle and commemorate the joy of each other's company, despite the tribulations of the journey.

A lot of effort goes into sourcing the perfect gift that will be symbolic and meaningful for one of the most important persons in our life, or for the happy couple. 

Let's get this right! First things first. 

Here you can find the symbolic anniversary gift by year. Further on we will give you amazing sugestions for the first 5 years!

Traditional Anniversary Gift by Year

  • 1 YEAR: Paper/Clocks
  • 2 YEAR: Cotton
  • 3 YEAR: Leather
  • 4 YEAR: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk
  • 5 YEAR: Wood
  • 6 YEAR: Iron / Candy
  • 7 YEAR: Wool/ Copper
  • 9 YEAR: Pottery
  • 10 YEAR: Tin/ Aluminum
  • 11 YEAR: Steel
  • 12 YEAR: Silk
  • 13 YEAR: Lace
  • 14 YEAR: Ivory
  • 15 YEAR: Crystal
  • 20 YEAR: China
  • 25 YEAR: Silver
  • 30 YEAR: Pearl
  • 35 YEAR: Coral
  • 40 YEAR: Ruby
  • 45 YEAR: Sapphire
  • 50 YEAR: Gold
  • 55 YEAR: Emerald
  • 60 YEAR: Diamond 

Anniversary Gift Suggestions by Year

1st Anniversary Gifts

1 year anniversary gift for him

One Year Anniversary Gift for Men, 1 Year Anniversary Gift for Husband, Personalized Paper Cufflinks

Date night: FlytrapOnE

Cufflinks: Craftive  

Origami Sculpture: Florigamishop

1 year anniversary gift for her

1st Anniversary Gift for Husband Wife, One 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts, Weeks Days Hours Minutes Seconds Together, Paper Anniversary

Jornal by: AnniversaryGiftsCo  

Couple Portrait: BrittaniRosePaper 

Brcelet: AnniversaryGiftsCo

1st Anniversary - for Couple

by: AnniversaryGiftsCo 

2 year anniversary gifts

2nd anniversary gifts for him

Personalized 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Frame by: AnniversaryGiftsCo

Pillowcases by: CreativePillowLV

Socks by:  shopsockprints 

2nd anniversary gifts for her

Personalized Cotton Tray / 2nd Anniversary Gift for Her / Cotton Anniversary Gift for Woman /Custom Tray with Names, Vows, or Song on COTTON

Frame by: FluidCalligraphy 

Bed duvet by: AnniversaryGiftsCo

Tray by:  PaperAnniversaryLove 

3 year anniversary gifts

3rd anniversary gifts for him

3rd Anniversary Gift for Him, Leather Anniversary Gift for Him, 3 Year Anniversary Gift for Man, Third Anniversary Gift for Husband, Custom

By: CraftiveLeather

3rd anniversary gifts for her

3rd Anniversary Gift for Him, Leather Anniversary Gift for Him, 3 Year Anniversary Gift for Man, Third Anniversary Gift for Husband, Custom

by: CraftiveLeather

3rd anniversary gifts for couple

Gifts for the Couple, Wedding Gifts, Names & Date Wedding Gift, Wedding Gift Last Name Established, Unique Wedding Gifts for Couple

by: CraftiveLeather

5th Anniversary Gfits

5 Year Anniversary Gifts - For him

5th Anniversary Gift, Fifth Anniversary, Wood Anniversary, 5 year anniversary, Wooden Cufflinks, Grooms cufflinks, Engraved Cufflinks

by: Craftive

5 Year Anniversary Gifts - For Her

Wood Necklace, 5th Anniversary Gift, Wood Anniversary, Wooden Necklace, Oak Necklace, 5th wood anniversary,  Necklaces for Women

Necklace by: Craftive

Cutting bord by:   WalnutArtisanGallery 

Watch by:  WoodWorldCo 

One last thing!

Craftive has a beautiful seleccion of anniversary gifts guaranteed to delight. Don't miss the chance and give a look.

Happy shopping

-  Monica, from Craftive